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Last Updated: 10/11/2019, 1:45:46 PM

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LA Governor (Jungle)
State Not Called
Patrick "Live Wire" Landry199,38916.87%
Oscar "Omar" Dantzler198,45716.79%
Ralph Abraham198,26216.77%
John Bel Edwards (inc)196,05116.58%
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NC House 09
Federal Called
Dan Bishop96,08150.74%
Dan McCready92,14448.66%
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NC House 03
Federal Called
Greg Murphy70,14261.74%
Allen Thomas42,57037.47%
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MS Governor (R)
Republican State Called
Tate Reeves179,62354.13%
Bill Waller Jr.152,20145.87%
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MS State House 73 (R)
Republican State Called
Jill Ford5,69768.30%
Johnny Black2,64431.70%
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MS Governor (D)
Democratic State Called
Jim Hood208,63469.00%
Michael Brown33,24710.99%
Valesha P. Williams20,8446.89%
Robert Shuler Smith20,3956.74%
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MS State House 58 (R)
Republican State Called
Joel Bomgar (inc)3,70356.00%
Bruce Bartley2,90944.00%
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MS State House 57 (D)
Democratic State Not Called
Edward Blackmon Jr (inc)2,404100.00%
Michquel McCullough00.00%
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